KODAK CHERISHC525P Smart Baby Monitor

KODAK CHERISHC525P Smart Baby Monitor C525
The KODAK CHERISH C525P Baby Monitor helps you stay connected to your little ones at home or on the road. With WiFi connectivity, the CHERISH C525P camera provides tilt, pan and zoom options so you can capture even more of the quiet moments. With a KODAK baby camera and the KODAK Smart Home App, you can cherish all the beautiful moments of your baby's development without disturbing their sleep.

The best night mode I've ever seen. Charles Pereira

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Two Year Warranty
Free Shipping
Two Year Warranty
  • Secure access through phone.
  • Permanent access through parent unit.

Special moments with clarity.

  • Portable parent
    and baby unit

  • Built-in battery
    In camera and monitor

  • Wifi connected
    with extended range

  • Compatible
    with multiple devices

  • Crystal clear
    wideband audio

  • Infrared HD
    night vision

Split Screen. Live.

Be in two places at once! With the Split-Screen feature
you can keep an eye on two places in your home, to
make sure your little one is not up to any mischief.

Smart design with parents in mind.

  • Soothing

  • 850 degree
    viewing angle

  • Temperature and
    humidity sensor

  • Backlight

  • Two-way

  • Sounds & motion

3600 view of the full room.

With rechargeable batteries and WiFi connectivity, the
CHERISH C525 camera provides tilt, pan and zoom options
so you can capture even more of the quiet moments.

Sleep easy with smart design.

  • SD card and
    cloud recording

  • 720P remote video

  • Trusted

Looking for an additional
camera for your home?

You can have up to 10 camera throughout your
home using the KODAK Smart Home App

KODAK Smart Home Customer Support

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